Prince William Sound is located in the extreme northwestern part of the Gulf of Alaska. Influenced by the warm Japanese Current, the landscape and seascape are part of the northern temperate rainforest that extends along the entire Pacific Northwest Coast. Large amounts of snow, resulting from the warm waters of the Current coming in contact with cold Alaskan air, creates a landscape of ice fields and maritime glaciers, many of which break off and fall into the biologically rich waters.

Twenty percent of the calving glaciers found in Prince William Sound are found in the Port Wells, Barry Arm and Harriman Fjord region. A 20+ foot range in tides occurring twice each day when mixed with freshwater runoff from glaciers and coastal clear water streams creates an extremely rich marine environment that sustains herring and salmon. As the foundation for both the terrestrial and marine food chains, these fish attract concentrations of orcas, humpback whales, harbor seals and bald eagles. Sea otters are abundant along with numerous species of sea birds.


This seven-day sea kayak camping trip begins in Anchorage early in the morning of the first day as we drive east to board a water taxi in Whittier, Alaska. The water taxi will take us 35 miles into the heart of the northwestern part of Prince William Sound before dropping us off in a calm protected lagoon. The next six days will be spent sea kayaking and exploring in the rich maritime region. We will constantly be on the look out for whales, seals, eagles, otters and ice flows. There will be time to hike in the spruce-hemlock forests that rim the landscape of rugged mountains, waterfalls and hanging glaciers. We will be picked up by the water taxi on our last day and brought back to Whittier.

Previous sea kayaking experience isn’t necessary, but recommended. At least a brief introductory course would be helpful. Previous camping experience is also suggested.

What We Provide. We provide sea kayak and sea kayaking gear, camp kitchen and supplies, meals beginning with lunch the first day and ending with dinner on the last day, ground transportation to and from Whittier, Alaska, water taxi transportation into Prince William Sound and at least one experienced guide/naturalist.

Your Responsibility. Guests are responsible for transportation to and from Anchorage, light weight rain gear, comfortable foot wear that can get wet, water bottle, appropriate clothing for the season, hat, tent and ground cloth, sleeping bag and pad, sunscreen, insect repellent and/or headnet and lodging in Anchorage before and after the trip.

Trip Fee & Reservations. The trip fee is $1,920 per person. An $870 per person deposit is due at the time the reservation is made. The balance is due six weeks prior to the trip. Reservations made 30 days before the trip begins must be paid in full before the trip begins. Please call for rental prices for tents, ground clothes, sleeping bags and pads.

Cancellation Policy. Any cancellation made prior to 30 days before the trip begins will result in a $650 per person cancellation fee. Any cancellation made during the 30 days before the trip begins will result in an $870 per person cancellation fee. If the trip is canceled by Alaska Personal Journeys, the trip fee will be refunded. It is recommended that cancellation insurance be purchased through a travel agency in case the trip is canceled in order to cover non-refundable expenses such as airline and hotel fees.

Dollar-A-Day for Conservation. All of the courses and trips offered by Alaska Personal Journeys are intended to raise public awareness to the need to protect our environment. We hope you will consider contributing one dollar per day to support the work of local conservation groups doing their best to protect Alaska’s special places. Simply add one dollar per day to the Alaska Personal Journeys trip fee. We will make sure that your contribution gets to the most effective conservation groups and that the group or groups sends you a receipt for tax deduction purposes.


The following itinerary may be modified due to weather and water conditions or wildlife viewing opportunities. The itinerary is intended to give guests a general idea of what to expect.

Day 0. Arriving guests are picked up at the Anchorage airport and transported to their place of lodging for the evening. Dutch treat dinner at local Anchorage restaurant. Pack personal gear in waterproof bags.

Day 1. Early departure from Anchorage by van. Drive along Turnigan arm and through tunnels to Whittier, Alaska. Take water taxi to Harrison Lagoon or Hobo Bay on Port Wells. Set-up camp at edge of seashore. Explore.

Day 2. Break camp. Paddle to Barry Arm. Set-up camp at edge of seashore. Hike.

Day 3. Paddle to calving glaciers; Barry, Cox and Cascade. Explore area around glaciers. Break camp. Paddle to Harriman Fjord. Set-up camp at edge of seashore.

Day 4. Paddle to Serpentine Glacier. Hike along seashore. Paddle back to camp.

Day 5. Paddle to Surprise Glacier. Look for harbor seals. Explore wildflower meadows. Paddle back to camp.

Day 6. Break camp. Paddle to Harrison Lagoon or Hobo Lagoon. Set-up camp.

Day 7. Break camp. Take water taxi to Whittier, Alaska. Drive to Anchorage and arrive in time for a farewell dinner. Drop guests off at either the airport or place of lodging in Anchorage.

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