The Begich, Boggs Visitors Center, near Portage, offers exhibits interpreting the
ecology, geology and natural history of Alaska's Prince William Sound region.


I had a great time, Joe. The trip worked out great. I appreciate all that you did for me. Alaska is a very pretty place and very nice when you fine a place away from the masses.
Phyllis Wainwright

Words can't express the gratitude for what became for me so much more “than the trip of a lifetime”. I never expected to learn so much about this great land and about myself. The unexpected pleasure was discovering that I can be still and discover the kind of inner peace never before experienced. Heller Keller said, “that the best and most beautiful things can't be seen or touched, they must be felt with the heart”. Thank you for sharing your heart and your Alaska with us.
Betty Rider

Our trip was fabulous. It couldn't have been any better unless you could have put out the forest fires causing the haze. You are a remarkably hardy guy to have around. Thanks, thanks, thanks for sharing us your Alaska.
Kris Herfkens

Thanks for the amazing Alaska vacation. From the kayak lessons to the wildlife information, we loved every minute of it. You are a great guide and a wonderful person.
Trish Murphy & Kara Peters

Thanks you for the “introduction” into “The Great Land”. It is a gift to see and live in such a place. A gift you graciously give to others.
Susan Mitchell

What a wonderful place. I deeply appreciate all you have taught me about life.
Jones Norris

Thank you for the extraordinary experience you provided me in Alaska. You opened my eyes to the wonders of Nature. You encouraged me to experience challenges. You broadened my life. The memories will always be vivid of this wondrous trip. Whether fact or fiction, I promise to stick to the facts whenever possible. Thank you for sharing your love of this magnificent state.
Karen Marshall

When we first started out, you told us that 'You can go all the way to Alaska, but you can never come all the way back.' After having experienced only a small portion of the wonders Alaska has to offer, I believe that is absolutely true. I often dream of Alaska, the peace I felt there, and its healing powers on our family. It was an unforgettable journey that I intend to repeat often.
Crystal Locklar

A Russian Orthodox church (left) overlooks Cook Inlet on the outskirts of
Ninilchik on the Kenai Peninsula. At right, the Arctic rose.

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