Scenes of Alaska
Our featured trips offer journeys to some of our favorite wilderness and touring destinations, places that have enchanted and stirred many of our past guests. But if you don't see a trip that meets your needs, don't worry. We can put together a trip itinerary that is uniquely yours — one that meets your schedule, interests, needs or abilities.

Custom trips are perfect for families or groups of friends or business associates. To schedule your trip, we require a minimum of four participants and generally limit trips to 10 participants in the wilderness or 12 on touring, or "softer," trips. But depending on your particular itinerary, we may be able to accommodate more.

We plan and lead custom trips all the time. And we've found that the key to creating the perfect journey is planning as far in advance as possible.

About Pricing for Custom Trips

Custom designed trips can run from five days to two weeks. The per-person fee begins at $195 per day, which includes three meals and some ground transportation.

Additional per person fees vary according to your destination; specific trip activities such as canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking, backpacking, dog sledding or cross country skiing; requirements for air, train or water transportation; equipment rental; payment of any public lands fees; and any lodging.

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