The Kenai River flows through Kenai Canyon.
There are many ways to experience Alaska. You can be in a large tour group where all of your time is strictly scheduled or you can have an experience that is more personal, in a group no more than a dozen people, and with options that vary according to the rhythms of mother earth.

You can experience Alaska through a ship's porthole, bus windshield or television screen. Or, you can touch the earth, breathe the fresh air, hear natural sounds, smell nature’s scents, and see things up close and spend time with guides who treat you as extended family.

You can have all the conveniences of home or you can experience the incredible sense of time and scale that is Alaska. You can be totally safe and secure or you can allow yourself to be changed by natural forces that sustain us.

If you want a traditional vacation, you don’t want to go with Alaska Personal Journeys. If you want an experience that changes your life and the way you look at things, then please be our guests. You can call it a vacation if you wish, but it won’t be like any other vacation you have ever had.

Every trip is designed to be personal, educational, rejuvenating and enriching. Within the general schedule, there is plenty of flexibility to pursue our interests. Nature doesn’t care about human calendars or watches. Our activities each day depend on weather, temperature, the movement of animals, the time of blooming and the individual needs of guests. Rather stay in and read or hike in the rain, identify wildflowers or meditate, look at birds or walk alone, whatever the option, the choice is yours to make. We let you know what your options are each day and take care of all of the details. It's your trip and we want to make it special for you.

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