Mountains on the Kenai Peninsula
Dear Friends,

s you know, we live in busy and confusing times. Most of us have lost our connection with the rhythms of the earth. As a result, we suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually. As John Muir wrote so many years ago, "Everyone needs beauty as well as bread…places to play in…where Nature may heal and give cheer and strength to body and soul alike".

At Alaska Personal Journeys, we are in the business of helping others experience Alaska in a way that reconnects them to our natural world. Whether you choose to be immersed in wilderness or prefer a softer journey, our aim is the same – to take care of all the details so you can de-stress, reconnect and maximize your Alaskan experience. Our mode of travel is by canoe, sea kayak, hiking boots or shoes, cross country skis or dog sled. Our schedule is determined not by a watch but by the movement of animals, the prevailing weather and our desire to experience all that we can, while we can.

Most of the trips you’ll see here have been offered many times. They have been chosen to take full advantage of what is happening on the land or sea, and to ensure the safest possible experience. But don’t hesitate to contact us about creating a trip custom-designed for your interests and needs. We’ll do our best to create, for you, an experience of a lifetime. We do it all the time and we love doing it.

Give us a call or drop us an e-mail message and realize that your Alaska journey has already begun. But be careful! You may come all the way to Alaska, but I guarantee you will never be able to fully return home.

Joe Jacob

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