Walking down a quiet hill above the tree line near Hope.
There are many ways to enjoy the natural beauty of our last frontier. Some prefer to paddle pristine rivers, while others prefer to explore the majesty of Alaska on dog sled or foot — stepping in places where no other may have stepped before. Our touring trips provide a range of experiences, along with comfortable lodging in local cabins, inns and roadhouses.

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Arctic Circle Hot Springs
Cross-Country Skiing and
Dog Sledding
Though cold, dark Alaskan winters can be harsh, they also bring an exhillarating renewal of Arctic life and culture that few visitors ever experience. Hard-frozen rivers open the Alaskan interior to cross-country skiing and dog mushing, drawing natives out of their homes to embrace age-old activities, developed from trapping and hunting for subsistence, that still define Alaska and Alaskans. And overhead, the aurora borealis provides a spectacular natural light for those fortunate enough to step outside on the clear winter nights. Arctic Circle Hot Springs, a resort built in the early 1900s, may be the ideal place to experience Arctic winter. From the resort near Central, Alaska, guests of all ages and levels of experience enjoy cross-country skiing, dog-mushing, hiking and soaking in the natural hot springs (open 24 hour a day). Julie and Denny Cooper, owners of a small kennel near the resort, teach the techniques of mushing and lead trips by dog sled into the vast open wilderness located just outside your front door. No experience is necessary, though those participating in skiing and dog-mushing should be in good health, enjoy being outside in the cold and have a sense of adventure.

Caribou Hills Dog Mushing
in Coho and Ninilchik

Iditarod champion Dean Osmar welcomes guests to his beautiful Alaskan home, located high on a Cook Inlet bluff with exceptional views of three volcanoes. Beginning with one day to become familiar with handling dogs and dog teams, the mushing adventure continues with several trips through the Alaskan wilderness. Two day-long adventures, each beginning at Dean's semi-remote cabin and professional dog-racing camp, provide an unparalleled view of tall mountains, ice fields, glaciers and rare wildlife. The Kenai Peninsula supports moose, Dall sheep, mountain goat, caribou, coyotes, wolves, brown bear, black bear, trumpeter swans, lynx, wolverine and beaver. The region also is known worldwide as the spawning ground for king and red salmon. No mushing experience is necessary, though participants should be in good health, enjoy being outside in the cold and have a sense of adventure.

Denali Interior
Hike, Paddle and Tour

Denali. "The Great One" stands firmly in the Alaska interior, an imposing sight, visible for hundreds of miles away and the highest point in North America. Mountains dominate the Alaskan interior, with broad river valleys, rolling foothills and northern boreal forests completing the vast landscape. Crystal-clear streams bring both salmon and gold, and more than eight million acres are protected within Denali National Park and Preserve. For five days, we will explore this imposing place, hiking in the Talkeetna Mountains, paddling wild waters and observing a stunning variety of Arctic wildlife. And with lodging in one of the few remaining Alaskan roadhouses, we will never lose touch with the unique history and majesty of Alaska.

Kenai Peninsula
Hike, Paddle and Tour

The Kenai Peninsula of south central Alaska is an area where humans and wildlife have lived in harmony for thousands of years. The region is known for stunning scenery. Tall mountains with narrow valleys. Turquoise-colored lakes and rivers. Vast ice fields and glaciers. Even northern boreal forests and coastal wetlands. We will explore this varied landscape on land and water, possibly viewing rare species including moose, Dall sheep, caribou, and brown and black bear. And, of course, the Peninsula is known worldwide for its salmon. The trip includes an unparalleled range of planned and optional activities, including hiking in coastal mountains, hiking to a glacier, paddling in wilderness lakes, paddling on a salmon-filled river, touring local museums and fishing for king or red salmon. Options are available for seven- and 11-day excursions.

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