Kachemak Bay is located near the southern end of the Kenai Peninsula in southcentral Alaska. It is a microcosm of the state with its rich marine environments, coastal mountains, alpine tundra, glaciers and wildlife. The bay is at the western end of the northern temperate rainforest that extends along the entire Pacific Northwest coast.

Kachemak Bay and its surrounding wetlands are considered by many people to be one of the richest estuaries in the world. Numerous seabirds, bald eagles, sea otters and porpoise occur near shore. Tidal pools are packed with starfish of many colors and kinds, sea urchins, limpets, chitins, barnacles and kelp. Sea lions and whales are often seen in deeper waters. Higher elevations include habitat for Dall sheep, bears and wolves. Porcupine, fox and beaver are found in lower elevations. Salmon occur in some of the coastal streams feeding the bay while huge halibut are abundant at great offshore depths.

Our trip will take us into the heart of Kachemak Bay State Park, 250,000 acres of coastal wilderness. The park presents unlimited opportunities for paddling in protected coastal waters and hiking in spruce-hemlock forests, tundra and along glaciers and secluded beaches.


We begin our trip in Anchorage. Our daylong drive to Homer, Alaska, will take us along Turnagain Arm, through the Chugach and Kenai Mountains, along the Kenai River, down the Kenai Peninsula and along Cook Inlet. While driving through the mountains, we will see glaciers, wildflower meadows, spruce forests, clear flowing rivers and a turquoise-colored lake and river. In the lowlands of the Peninsula, we’ll see bogs, numerous lakes and black spruce wetlands. Along the western edge of the Peninsula we will be able to look across Cook Inlet at Mounts Iliamna, Redoubt, Spur and Saint Augustine Island; all of which are volcanoes. After arriving in Homer, we’ll check into accommodations for the evening.

The next day, we take a water taxi across Kachemak Bay to Rusty's Lagoon in Kachemak Bay State Park. We’ll spend the next five days sea kayaking in and around the park’s fjords, coves, lagoons and islands; hiking up to glaciers and tundra; walking along beaches; identifying marine life in the numerous tidal pools; watching thousands of nesting sea birds; seeing sea lions, sea otters and bald eagles; looking for evidence of black bears and wolves; camping next to the seashore; and, all in all, enjoying ourselves.

What We Provide. We provide sea kayak and sea kayaking gear, camp kitchen and supplies, meals beginning with lunch the first day and ending with dinner on the last day, lodging in Homer for two evenings, water taxi transportation to Kachemak Bay State Park, ground transportation from Anchorage to Homer and at least one experienced guide/naturalist.

Important Note. There is a lodging option for this trip. Instead of camping, we would spend evenings in cabins and/or yurts. The itinerary would be modified based on the locations of the cabins and/or yurts. Please note that there is a different fee for this option. Late bookings generally make the lodging option unavailable.

Your Responsibility. Guests are responsible for transportation to and from Anchorage, light weight rain gear, comfortable foot wear that can get wet, water bottle, appropriate clothing for the season, hat, tent, ground cloth, sleeping bag and pad, sunscreen, insect repellent and/or headnet and lodging in Anchorage before and after the trip. Tents, ground cloths, sleeping bags and pads can be provided for an additional fee.

Trip Fee & Reservations. The trip fee is $2,135 per person for shared accommodations. A $1,020 per person deposit is due at the time the reservation is made. The balance is due six weeks prior to the trip. Reservations made 30 days before the trip begins must be paid in full before the trip begins. Please call for rental prices for tents, ground clothes, sleeping bags and pads. If the seven-day lodging option is chosen, the trip fee will increase to $2,543 per person for shared accommodations. A $1,020 per person deposit also would be required.

Cancellation Policy. Any cancellation made prior to 30 days before the trip begins will result in a $650 per person cancellation fee. Any cancellation made during the 30 days before the trip begins will result in a $1,020 per person cancellation fee. If the trip is canceled by Alaska Personal Journeys, the trip fee will be refunded. It is recommended that cancellation insurance be purchased through a travel agency in case the trip is canceled in order to cover non-refundable expenses such as airline and hotel fees.

Dollar-A-Day for Conservation. All of the courses and trips offered by Alaska Personal Journeys are intended to raise public awareness to the need to protect our environment. We hope you will consider contributing one dollar per day to support the work of local conservation groups doing their best to protect Alaska’s special places. Simply add one dollar per day to the Alaska Personal Journeys trip fee. We will make sure that your contribution gets to the most effective conservation groups and that the group or groups sends you a receipt for tax deduction purposes.


The following itinerary may be modified due to weather and water conditions, wildlife viewing opportunities or if the seven-day lodging option is chosen. The itinerary is intended to give guests a general idea of what to expect.

Day 0. Guests are picked up at Anchorage airport & transported to their lodging. Dutch treat dinner at local Anchorage restaurant. Pack personal gear into dry bags.

Day 1. Early departure from Anchorage by van. Stops to view glaciers and wildflower meadows. Lunch along the shore of Cook Inlet overlooking volcanoes. Check into the Driftwood Inn in Homer, Alaska.

Day 2. Take water taxi across Kachemak Bay to Rusty's Lagoon. Set-up camp at edge of seashore. Explore sea cliffs and tide pools by sea kayak.

Day 3. Paddle to Mallard Bay. Hike to Grewingk Glacier.

Day 4. Explore tide pools by sea kayak. Paddle to Halibut Cove. Hike around & through the small seaside community of Halibut Cove, Alaska. Paddle back to camp.

Day 5. Break camp.Paddle into Halibut Lagoon. Set-up camp. Hike along interior trails & explore the northern temperate rainforest

Day 6. Explore Halibut Lagoon by sea kayak. Break camp. Take water taxi back to Homer. Check back into the Driftwood Inn.

Day 7. Morning visit to the Pratt Museum of Natural & Cultural History. Depart for Anchorage before lunch. Picnic lunch at Deep Creek and view of bald eagles. Visit salmon spawning stream in Kasilof, Alaska. Stop at Tern Lake to view arctic terns. Arrive in Anchorage in time for a farewell dinner. Drop guests off at either the airport or place of lodging in Anchorage.

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